A brand of versatile, minimalist accessories to help you simplify your active lifestyle.

Boxer products translate to each other to help you transition from the road, your home, and beyond with almost no effort. We pride ourselves in crafting extremely durable, high quality, 100% USA-made accessories, along with amazing customer service and lifetime warranty. 

We also show support with various organizations like the C4 Foundation, and LEO. Our hope is to continue this growth and give back to the very people that support us, our customers.

Boxer accessories are At Your Side.

Foundation Support

C4 Apogee Buckle:

C4 Foundation

The mission of the C4 Foundation is to provide support and resources through science-based programs to active duty Navy SEALs and their families.  They strengthen family relationships and enhance support networks for the most elite US warriors, their immediate families and the SEAL community as a whole.

At Boxer, we are extremely proud to support their cause and offer a symbol that so many recognize and love in remembrance of Charlie Keating IV.

C4 Apogee Buckles available now in Black and Grey - for each buckle sold, $10 goes straight to the C4 Foundation.

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The Founder's Story

"When other young boys were learning to throw a baseball from their dads, I was learning how to run a clothing business. My grandfather opened his first clothing store, Edwards Store for Men, in East Chicago, Indiana in 1941.

Later, with the help of my dad, they would open three more stores.
I can still hear the sounds of the Singer sewing machines, the low hum of seamstresses custom tailoring clothing and the gentle crinkle of tissue paper as my father wrapped every single purchase with pride.

These men—my grandfather, my father—I share more with them than just common DNA and hazel eyes. They taught me to believe in American-made products and to pay attention to the details. They inspired me to love high-quality manufacturing and to never settle for a lesser stitch or a lesser raw material.
They were the original 'Honestly American.' I am simply their heir.

At the time, 95% of the clothing they sold was made in the U.S. Today, less than 2% of the clothing bought here is made here. In 2011, I started Boxer with the goal of bringing integrity and quality back to American apparel manufacturing.

I chose the tactical industry because of my love of firearms and my deep, abiding belief in the second amendment. I believe it is the bedrock of our American ideals and a right we must always fight to protect. It only makes sense that I would make Honestly American products for those who hold those same beliefs. 

For me, Boxer isn’t just a company or a good product, it’s a cause. And, just like my father, I will continue to wrap every single purchase in tissue paper with pride."

Billy Johnson