Belt Size Chart (Effective March 2014):

XS 27-30
S 29-33
M 32-36
L 35-39
XL 38-44
2XL 43-49


How our belts are sized:

Our belts are extremely accurate, measured in inches around the inside circumference of the belt. Due to the design of the belt there is no play on either end of the size range.

How to find the right size:

Your belt size is not your waist or pant size; you need to allow for the material you are wearing under your belt. Additionally, if you are wearing an IWB holster or other gear it will artificially increase your waist size.

There are two methods you can use to find the right belt size.

If you have access to a cloth measuring tape, run it through your belt loops like a belt. Make sure you are wearing the same setup that you will utilize your Boxer belt with (e.g. IWB holster or other gear). Pull the measuring tape as tight as you’d like to wear your belt and note that measurement.

If you don’t have access to a cloth measuring tape, no worries. Find a belt that fits you properly, lay the belt flat and use a standard measuring tape to measure from the buckle base to the belt hole that is most comfortable.

T-Shirt Size Chart:

Chest (Inches) Waist (Inches)
XS 30-32 28-30
S 34-26 30-32
M 38-40 32-33
L 42-44 33-34
XL 46-48 36-38
2XL 48-50



Measure under arms around the fullest part of the chest. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably loose.


Measure around natural waist with a measuring tape. This sizing chart is approximate.

The Founder's Story

"When other young boys were learning to throw a baseball from their dads, I was learning how to run a clothing business. My grandfather opened his first clothing store, Edwards Store for Men, in East Chicago, Indiana in 1941.

Later, with the help of my dad, they would open three more stores.
I can still hear the sounds of the Singer sewing machines, the low hum of seamstresses custom tailoring clothing and the gentle crinkle of tissue paper as my father wrapped every single purchase with pride.

These men—my grandfather, my father—I share more with them than just common DNA and hazel eyes. They taught me to believe in American-made products and to pay attention to the details. They inspired me to love high-quality manufacturing and to never settle for a lesser stitch or a lesser raw material.
They were the original 'Honestly American.' I am simply their heir.

At the time, 95% of the clothing they sold was made in the U.S. Today, less than 2% of the clothing bought here is made here. In 2011, I started Boxer with the goal of bringing integrity and quality back to American apparel manufacturing.

I chose the tactical industry because of my love of firearms and my deep, abiding belief in the second amendment. I believe it is the bedrock of our American ideals and a right we must always fight to protect. It only makes sense that I would make Honestly American products for those who hold those same beliefs. 

For me, Boxer isn’t just a company or a good product, it’s a cause. And, just like my father, I will continue to wrap every single purchase in tissue paper with pride."

Billy Johnson